Music Video SOMA by Agnes Milewski

Client: Agnes Milewski
Production Company: edelfilm
Production Year: 2015

Director / Writer: Sebastian Datzreiter
Director of Photography: Thomas Loacker
Camera Operator: Benjamin Paya
Camera Assistant: Lukas Wesely
Gaffer: Martin Kreslehner
Set Assistants: Jeannine Felzmann, Martin Fischerauer
Editor: Sebastian Datzreiter
Color Grading: Thomas Loacker
Song produced by: Jonas Petersen
Dance Performance: Natalia Bolzer




Commercial: VIKING iMow

Production Company: digifilm
Director: Bernhard Ratka
DP: Thomas Loacker
AC: Lukas Wesely
Production Year: 2015



Imagefilm for Strabag SE

Client: Strabag SE
Agency: Wien Nord
Production Company: movingtargetfilms / Little Lights Studio
Service Production Company: drehmoment
Production Year: 2012 / 2014

Director / Editor: Clemens Sauerwein
DoP: Thomas Loacker, Benjamin Paya, Thomas Kirschner
Aerial-Camera: HDCopter
Producer: Dirk Meints, Toni Weiss, Michael Sokolar
Executive Producer: Kati Luerzer, Michael Sokolar
VFX: Digital Light Factory
Musik/Ton: Blautöne




Brand documentary: Sabika

Production Company: movingtargetfilms
Service Production: drehmoment
Director: Clemens Sauerwein
DP: Thomas Loacker
AC: Matteo Sanders
Production Manager: Jörg Bonner
Production Year: 2014




Commercial TVC / WEB

Production Company: Sabotage
Director: Ethan Vincent
DP: Thomas Loacker
Production Year: 2014




Feature Film Trailer: In Sight

Production Company: grötschfilm
Director: Beate Grötsch
DP: Thomas Loacker
AC: Alois Kozar
Production Year: 2014




Documentary: Mountains And Molehills

Director: Sandra Wollner
DP: Thomas Loacker
Production Year: 2010 / 2011



Spot: Karate for Life

Director / Editor: Clemens Sauerwein
DOP: Thomas Loacker
Gaffer: Mathias Ganster
Grip: Felix Radinger
AC: Alex Koch
Production Year: 2010

Music: Echoed – L.O.R.D. // creative commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)



TV Commercial: Anker

Production Company: Jerkfilms
Director Sandra Wollner
DOP: Thomas Loacker
Gaffer: Ferdinand Stoiber
Executive Producer: Andrea Grassl
Production Year: 2010



Spot: Männerberatung Wien

Production Company: Viewfinders
Director Norman Kathi
DOP: Thomas Loacker
Executive Producer: Johanna Sofaly
Production Year: 2009